Medical Services

Medical services include the following types of examinations and procedures:

  • Physical examinations:
    • diagnosis
    • treatment
  • Laboratory tests
  • X-rays
  • EKGs
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Respiratory therapy
  • IV therapy
  • Other Services
    • hydrocollator packs
    • therapeutic ultrasound

Medical services are available by appointment at (662) 345-8334.


Tutwiler Clinic provides educational services and opportunities for our patients, medical professionals/students, our staff, and the community. Listed are some of the educational services we provide.

  • For patients
    • Medication/disease process
    • Diabetic
    • Nutritional
  • Professionals
    • Medical students
    • Nurse Practitioner Students
  • Community
    • Community educational outreach
  • Staff
    • Staff in-service


Tutwiler Clinic offers a variety of helpful outreach opportunities for our patients and our community.

  • Transportation for medical care
  • Children’s waiting room