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Tutwiler Clinic People Magazine Article from 1987

Sister Anne Brooks, Doctor and Nun, Practices Without Preaching to the Poor Tutwiler, Miss, looks like photographs from the Depression: tin-roofed shacks, many with a scraggly dog and junked car in the muddy yard, and folks sitting on the porch not doing much of anything. …Read More


Daytime Napping Linked to Diabetes Risk

Being sleepy and taking long naps during the day are both tied to worse odds of getting type 2 diabetes, a new review suggests. Researchers from the University of Tokyo analyzed 10 studies from countries around the world, which included data on 261,365 participants. They …Read More


Smoking Linked to Greater Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Smokers have a much greater risk for type 2 diabetes than those who never smoked, and the same is true for those routinely exposed to secondhand smoke, a new study suggests. But the Harvard researchers said this increased risk gradually drops over time once smokers …Read More

Tutwiler CBS News

Tutwiler Clinic Featured on CBS News

(CBS News) TUTWILER, Miss. — Mississippi is a state that has, for nearly a decade, ranked dead last in overall health. CBS correspondent Byron Pitts reports on a woman there who’s made treating the sick more than just a job – it’s her calling. Folks …Read More